18th May 2022

A Simple, Powerful Method to Motivate Yourself to Consistently Exercise

Healthy behaviours are not easy to implement. Motivation can be difficult to find on some days, making consistent efforts all but impossible. Do you find it difficult to maintain momentum for your exercise routine? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a method that can help you stay with your exercise routine, even if the motivation is lacking!

The goal of our method is to help you exercise on a regular basis. Consistent efforts mean you can get in shape faster and stay in shape, even if you’re dealing with a busy schedule. So, read on to learn our simple method to stay motivated and on track with your exercise routine.


Our Simple Method to Stay on Track with Exercise

We’ve put together a simple method that anyone can use to stay on track with their exercise routine. This technique helps shift your mood and energy level. The goal is to train your brain to get an immediate reward from exercising or any physical activity.

Here’s how our method works:

  1. Find the “voice memos” app on your smartphone or another device.
  2. Before you exercise, record a short statement describing how you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  3. Immediately after exercising, repeat the 2nd step.
  4. Playback the recording from steps 2 & 3 right after each other.

The goal is to listen to the words, tone, energy, and enthusiasm in your voice. If you’re like most people, you’ll notice a huge difference between your before and after exercise statements. Notice how you felt before and after exercising. We’re pretty sure you’ll see a huge difference.

In most cases, people hear more enthusiasm in the message recorded directly after exercising.

You can use this method even if you don’t use a smartphone. Simply write down your before and after exercise statements in a notebook, on a sticky note, calendar, or journal. Keep in mind that you won’t hear the difference in tone or excitement; however, reading your words can still be effective.

In addition, this method works whether you use the same words with both statements or use different words. Even if you feel negative before exercising, this method can work. You’ll probably be surprised at how more upbeat you sound after you exercise.

Even though you may feel this method only results in a small improvement, you may be surprised at how effective it is. The issue is that most people exercise because it’s something they “should” do. When you look at something as a “should,” the result is a less positive feeling toward exercising or whatever activity you’re attempting. At this point, the behaviour then becomes an obligation, and it’s difficult (or impossible) to see the positive outcome and happiness you feel in completing the activity or task.

However, if you really take note of the differences in tone and how you feel after exercising, this method can be highly effective at motivating you to stay consistent with your routine.


Why Does This Work? 

The reason this method works is because you notice the shift in mood. If you see a positive effect after exercising, then you feel more motivated to stay with your routine. When you’ve made a few before and after recordings, you then have a reference to playback. The method trains your brain to go after the reward of feeling better after exercising and other physical activities.

You have created a “behavioural loop,” which teaches your brain how to improve your mood and take pleasure in this new routine. Your brain sees the positive effect that exercises have on your mind and body. This is a powerful way to help yourself keep on with an exercise regimen.


Additional Methods to Stay Consistent with Exercise

In addition to our simple method above, you can also use these methods to keep you on track with exercise:


1. Set Goals

If you’re just starting out with exercise, it’s essential to keep your goals simple. As you make progress, you can then start to implement goals with a longer range. However, always ensure your goals are realistic and achievable. Otherwise, you’ll end up frustrating yourself and give up.


2. Make It Fun

It’s also important to find exercises and activities you enjoy. If you like something, you’re more apt to stick with it, too. If you’re not enjoying workouts, it may be time to switch things up a bit. Consider joining a group to play sports, such as volleyball, martial arts, and more. You may also want to consider exercising with a group at a health club where they practise hii intensity interval training or other activities.

The goal is to find activities you enjoy and then stick with these. It’s also possible to combine regular exercises on your own with other activities. Nothing says you have to choose one or the other to have fun!


3. Make Exercise & Physical Activity a Part of Your Day

It can also help if you make a commitment to yourself to include exercise and physical activities as part of your day. All of your physical activities don’t have to be through an exercise routine. For instance, you might consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Or commit to walking in the park on your lunch break. At home, you can take your dog for daily walks, use a treadmill, and more.

This is to add more physical activities into your normal day. These can be combined with your regular exercise routine to help you stay fit and wear off more calories.


4. Reward Yourself

Once you’ve finished each exercise session, take a few minutes to record your feelings (as outlined in the beginning of this article).

Also, be sure to include a small reward for yourself when you reach fitness goals. For instance, you may want to treat yourself to a new pair of jeans or walking shoes. Or maybe you’d like to get some new music to play during your workouts.

Find a way to reward yourself for working out and for achieving your goals. This is another great way to stay motivated and consistent with an exercise routine.


Summing It Up

This article aims to help you find methods to stay motivated and consistent with daily exercise. It’s not always easy to do; however, using the methods we’ve included in this article, we’re sure you’ll feel more positive about working out and be more encouraged to keep up with exercising every day!