13th July 2021

Dedication over motivation

These last 18 months have been tough on everybody and I’m sure that at some point you may have experienced a lack of motivation. Whether that has been a lack of motivation for work, exercise, eating well, or maybe even to just get up and start your day!

It has been a big emotional roller coaster for many of us, which has resulted in a lot stress and a lack of motivation. Now that the lockdown is hopefully coming to an end, you may even be feeling a little more anxiety and overwhelm about going back to the office, social events, and getting back to the gym.

But this is the very reason why we must get back into it! Besides countless examples how exercising improves your physical health, it will also have a positive impact on your mental health. 

Nothing will help as much as a great workout where you can leave all your worries and stresses from everyday life behind. In fact, research shows that the highly active individuals have lower stress rates compared to those who are less active.

So, where to start?

Many people look to motivation to push them toward their goals, but the thing is no one is ever motivated all of the time. Motivation isn’t infinite and can be effected by so many things (weather, friends, fatigue, work, family commitments, and social events, to name a few)

It can actually fade pretty quickly too if the results don’t come fast enough!

So what happens when that motivation wears off? How can you stay committed on those days you just don’t feel like putting in hard work?



“Motivation may get you started but it’s dedication that keeps you going”

Anyone can be motivated to do something. You may see an Instagram post from one of your favourite hii fitness coaches and be instantly motivated to start working out and get in shape, however that does not necessarily mean you hit the gym tomorrow and start working towards that new goal.

You have to commit to taking action, that’s where dedication comes in.

How do we become dedicated?

We get hii of course!

Motivation certainly isn’t tangible. Nobody can give you motivation!

BUT by surrounding yourself with a community, a support network, and inspirational coaches. You can build a lifestyle you are proud of and one that you will want to continue leading.  





With Hii you receive Personal training within a group environment. Meaning on those days when you’re perhaps talking yourself out of a workout or feel a little low on energy, this all changes the moment you step into our studio, you instantly become re-energised. 

The people, the instructor and you, we all create a community, and we are there to support and motivate each other. You are not alone anymore; you can rely on the people around you to lift you up as well.


Willpower alone isn’t enough to keep you moving forward. You need to consciously and effectively work to maintain your motivation and dedication. Accountability is a great way of keeping yourself on track.

hii digital works as your fitness journal where you will keep track of your actions, and progress. It’s well known that writing down your goals makes it much more likely that you’ll achieve them. It’s also a great source of motivation to look back on and can help you and your hii coach understand what you are doing right and where you might need to make some adjustments.

With hii you get your own personal coach. Making you accountable not just to yourself but to somebody else who will work with you to achieve your goals. 


People are social beings, we love to laugh, compete, have fun, make friends. I think this is the best part of hii, our community, family, tribe. 

Going at it alone is tough. At Hii you’ll have a family of people who will be by your side, helping and supporting you through your journey. Surrounding yourself with  an amazing community of like-minded people who are on a similar path can be a very powerful accountability tool, and will keep you motivated, build your confidence, and help you stay dedicated to your journey.

In conclusion, motivation is fluid, sometimes its there, sometimes it is not. However, when you are a part of HII, a part of our community, the lack of your motivation does not control your actions. We push through the lack of motivation, through the hard, bad days, and we lose all the negative things from everyday life the second we start our class, and all of us together we get hii. 


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