Gaby C

Encouraging, Welcoming & Enthusiastic

Gaby C - Hii Fitness Trainer
Gaby has completed over 500 hours of Yoga teacher training courses in a variety of different styles including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Aerial Yoga, Meditation and more.

Originally from a dance background, Gaby loves the playfulness and variety vinyasa offers, and always invites students to step outside comfort zones, embrace challenges and realise the strength they already have. Music is a big part of her classes and is used as a way to either help you escape the day or ground into the moment.

Meditation is a corner block of her practice and she strives to spread the message that there is a way into meditation for everyone, and it can be simplified and accessed by all, empowering students to know how to care of themselves.

“you are allowed to be a masterpiece & work in progress simultaneously” – Sophia Bush

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Gaby C
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