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Gym in Sheffield

Are you looking for an amazing gym in Sheffield? Then look no further than Hii Fitness! We have everything you need to take your fitness routine from boring to fab! No matter your fitness level, we have fitness routines and equipment for beginners and even the pros. If you want to get Hii, then check us out!

We offer group training and accountability, along with coaching. We’ll do more than help you get fit. We’ll help you live life on a Hii!

Why Choose Us?

At our Hii gym in Sheffield, your workouts will become effective and smarter. You’ll see results by taking our fitness classes while surrounded by energetic people in a social environment. We make sure to use motivating music combined with an expert trainer. You’ll never work out alone because everyone works out together and supports one another.

You might think of our trainers as part of your team, along with the others who come to us to improve their fitness. What’s more, you won’t find any judgment at our gym in Sheffield. What you will find is a great positive attitude, which will take you through the rest of the day and into the next. Your fitness team members at Hii gym Sheffield will be there for you and support you on the road to getting healthier and happier through being more fit. What could be better?

In addition, our Hii group training sessions are made to match your fitness level. You won’t have to struggle through a workout that’s too advanced. And you can look forward to training sessions that are specialised to meet your unique fitness needs.

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What’s more, we have created a wonderful, inspiring environment that keeps you motivated during workouts.

And we make use of technology to help you stay fit. This is done through our proprietary MyZone technology, which monitors your performance in real-time. There’s no need to wait to check your progress. You can see it right away, within moments at the studio. The app provides detailed information and even offers a performance summary you can use to reach your goals. There’s no guessing involved when you choose our Hii gym in Sheffield.

We even help you celebrate after your workout! You can enjoy a smoothie from our Refuel Bar! With our smoothies and training sessions, your energy levels will go sky high!

All of this is provided in our state-of-the-art boutique studio, which includes the latest fitness equipment, backed with a scientific coaching approach. We’ll help you get in shape and learn how to create a happier, healthier lifestyle in the process. You’ll have more success with our gym in Sheffield, which will create a long-lasting change and a healthier life!

How it works

Remember, we’re not like other gyms. That’s because you’ll never see anyone, including yourself, working alone. We ensure you have fun training with a coach every time. Our amazing boutique studio isn’t just another regular gym with generic exercise equipment and classes. Hii gym in Sheffield offers so much more.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already at a high level of fitness, you’ll be able to train in a beautiful, positive environment. Training sessions are accompanied by upbeat music, qualified trainers, and the latest fitness equipment available. And you can count on us to support you in your fitness efforts. You’ll have amazing, unforgettable workouts that bring about positive results.

You can get Hii your way! That’s you can choose to get fit in ways that support your lifestyle. We have three programs with experienced, knowledgeable trainers. Our classes will increase the energy levels in all areas of your life.

Our Workouts

At our gym in Sheffield, we offer Hii intensity workouts. You can push yourself through challenging workouts created to match your fitness level and goals. Our training sessions get everything pumping, including endorphins, adrenaline, and sweat. Oh yeah, sweating isn’t an option; it’s a given!

Our training sessions are done in groups of 30-60 people. The sessions are split between hii intensity, hii serenity, and hii restorative sessions. We make sure your time is balanced between these three formats. Our hii intensity sessions include resistance training intervals combined with cardio exercise. These sessions are meant to increase metabolism for as long as 24-48 hours after working out.

Here’s a quick overview of our training sessions and what they include!

Hii Intensity

A 20-30 minute workout, which includes intensity resistance training and cardio exercise meant to increase metabolism. The intensity builds progressively until hitting your metabolic blast. This is where you get the full benefits of this part of the workout.

hii intensity - gym in sheffield
hii serenity - gym in sheffield

Hii Serenity

Combining yoga and other fitness disciplines that work to build strength, balance, mobility, and function. This part of the workout is meant to stretch, destress and strengthen. It reduces stress & anxiety, enhances sleep, improves flexibility, and more.

Hii Recovery

This part of the session is meant to loosen you up and stretch you out. The recovery sessions are meant to help you reboot, repair, release, and restore. These sessions fall in between our hii intensity sessions. These sessions also ensure you aren’t injured during the workout.

hii recovery - gym in sheffield

What Does Our Gym in Sheffield Offer?

Our Hii fitness program includes everything you need to become fit and healthy:

Inclusive training

Everyone works out together, and our trainers offer feedback meant to help you improve. And don’t feel as if you need to compete with everyone else. That’s not the point of our fitness program. Instead, you’re really competing with yourself. We work to support your fitness goals as we sweat together.

Uplifting environment

Our gym in Sheffield doesn’t look like a regular gym! That’s because we use custom lighting, themed playlists, and creative workouts.

Refuel Bar

Our gym in Sheffield also offers our Hii Refuel Bar, where you can enjoy after-workout shakes and some light snacks. As we sweat together, we also relax together!

If you’re ready to get fit in a unique, energised environment, then contact us today! We’re looking forward to working out with you and helping you lead a healthier, happier life!

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Hii Fitness
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