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Gym Membership Sheffield

Searching for a suitable gym membership Sheffield isn’t easy. Some fitness places just don’t have the right combination of community, while others may not have the right variety of equipment you’re looking for. If you’ve been looking for the right fitness place, then why not consider getting Hii?

At Hii fitness, you’ll find the perfect combination of communication, coaching, and accountability that work together to help improve your overall fitness. What’s more, we help you get fit and to live your best life ever!

What We Offer with Sheffield Gym Membership

Our Hii fitness programs offer everything you’ve been looking for to get fit and feel better!

Inclusive training

At Hii Fitness, everyone works out together. We also provide feedback to help you improve. And there’s no need to worry about competing with others in the gym. That’s because you’re only competing with yourself and no one else.

We work together with you, sweat together, and achieve together. It’s all about community, support, and a positive environment that inspires everyone to get fit together.

Uplifting environment

We’ve created an inspiring environment that lifts you up with great themed playlists, custom lighting, our HIT Yoga, and mobility workouts.

Our instructor-led training includes heart rate and performance tracking, backed by guaranteed results.

Hii Digital

We offer both unlimited fitness and yoga classes live and on-demand! The first month is free. You can cancel at any time.

With HII Digital you’ll be able to access our extensive video library of on-demand workouts. And you can track each of your workouts and the progress you’re making with Hii.

What’s more, Hii Digital provides access to recipes, meal plans, and even lifestyle coaching sessions!

And you can cancel at any time! What could be better?

Refuel Bar

We can’t forget to tell you about our Hii Refuel Bar, where you can choose your favourite refuelling snacks and shakes!

You can choose from after-workout snacks (all on the light side, so you can freely indulge) and shakes. And we start the weekend with a Prosecco on fizz Friday! What a great way to end the week after training together. You’re sure to get Hii!

How Our Gym Membership Works

We’ll start out by saying we’re unique when compared to other gyms you’ve visited. For one thing, we work together. No one works out alone. And our environment is nothing like other gyms’! We offer a boutique experience with energised classes. Hii is more than just exercise.

Whether you’re just getting started with getting fit or you’re already at peak performance, our Sheffield gym membership has what you’re looking for. We provide energising, upbeat music, qualified trainers, and cutting-edge equipment. All of this is backed by our support. We want to work with you at each step of your fitness journey.

Talking about your fitness journey, with Hii, you get things your way, every time. You can work out in a way that fits your lifestyle. Just choose one of three programs, which includes guidance and instruction from our experienced personal trainers. Our fitness classes are geared to increase your health and function in your everyday life. All you have to do is choose your legal Hii.

Our Fitness Classes

Your workout with our gym subscription in Sheffield offers Hii intensity. You’ll have the chance to push yourself with invigorating conditioning sessions. Expect to get the adrenaline and endorphins flowing. Expect to experience excellent results. And in our workouts, sweating is also expected—it’s not an option.

We workout in 30-60 group training sessions that include three different sessions:

Hii intensity
Hii serenity
Hii restorative

Hii Intensity

We keep your workout sessions balanced between these three disciplines. What’s more, our Hii intensity sessions are divided between resistance training intervals combined with cardiovascular exercise. This combination increases your metabolism as long as 24-48 hours after your workout!

hii intensity - gym in sheffield
hii serenity - gym in sheffield

Hii Serenity

During our Hii serenity sessions, your breath becomes linked with your movements. Our serenity sessions blend yoga and other fitness disciplines, which work to increase strength, balance, mobility, and function. For example, stretching works to destress and strengthen at the same time.

Our Hii serenity sessions guide you in a state of calm that restores your body and soothes your emotions. It also reduces stress & anxiety while improving sleep, flexibility, balance, and strength.

Doesn’t that sound like an amazing session?

Hii Recovery

Our Hii recovery sessions work to loosen you up and stretch your body. When this session is done, you’re ready to start working out all over again! Recovery sessions repair, release, and restore your mind and body.

These sessions come in between and after our Hii intensity sessions. During our Hii recovery session, your body has time to repair muscles while also improving strength, flexibility, and performance.

During our Hii recovery sessions, we also use trigger point tools, static and passive stretches, mobility movement flows, and more. And don’t worry—all this stretching may sound like it could cause injuries. We make sure that you’re not injured this time (or any other time).

hii recovery - gym in sheffield

Why Choose Us?

Our gym membership Sheffield is guaranteed to help you accomplish better levels of fitness. We work out together, smarter and harder. Everyone shares the same goal of becoming more fit! What a great environment when you work together as a team to get in shape!

What’s more, we believe you’ll enjoy our unique gym environment, which has been specially designed to be a fantastic space where you can enjoy Hii fitness sessions. The environment is also geared to help everyone have a positive attitude, which follows you throughout the rest of your day and week.

Our Hii group training sessions also match your fitness level, no matter where you’re at on the fitness spectrum. We help you feel motivated to become fit and healthy, and we offer our support every step of the way.

If you’d like to learn more about our Hii gym membership Sheffield, then reach out and contact us today! We’re always happy to answer your questions and explain how our program and membership work!

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