12th August 2022

How to Keep Yourself Motivated at the Gym

When you first start out at the gym, it’s exciting to start working on an exercise or sport program. However, over time, your motivation level may sink. It’s easy to become bored if you don’t enjoy your workout or if the results are too slow to see.

We’ve put together some tips to help boost your motivation to head to the gym and meet your workout and health goals.


1. Set Goals

When you’re just starting out with a fitness routine at the gym, it’s a good idea to start off with simple goals. These help you mark progress toward long-term goals. However, be sure to keep your goals realistic and achievable. Otherwise, you could end up becoming frustrated and give up your fitness goals as too challenging to achieve.

Even if it’s been a while since you’ve exercised, a short-term goal can get you off on the right foot. For instance, if you’ve not run for a while, starting with 15 minutes a day for the first few 2-3 weeks can get you back on track. As you gain strength, challenge yourself by adding on another 15 minutes of running a day. You may even want to consider adding a goal to make a 5K walk or run in the future. Using short-term goals and increasing these over time can get you there.


2. Make It Fun

Be sure to choose an activity or sport you enjoy, then vary the routine to keep it interesting and challenging. If you don’t enjoy workouts, try something new. Perhaps you don’t enjoy working out alone. In that case, maybe you’d enjoy team sports, such as volleyball or softball.

You may also be able to try martial arts at the gym. It’s important to ensure your exercise routine is fun and challenging to keep your interest and stay with it.


3. Train with a Friend

Another thing to keep you motivated may be working out with a friend. It’s easier to stay motivated when you have a workout partner. When you have a training buddy, it’s also more fun to exercise.

You can coach one another and challenge one another, having fun the entire time! Another thought is to arrange fitness time with neighbors at the local gym.

Training with others is a great way to stay motivated and become healthier.


4. Make Exercise a Part of Your Daily Routine

Most of us have very busy schedules that make it a challenge to find time to train. However, with a workout schedule, it becomes easier to dedicate time in your daily routine to exercise.

Studies have shown that sitting for too long every day has a negative impact on our health. Even if you do a weekly amount of physical activity. So, if you sit for hours a day and you have a busy schedule, consider adding gym time to your daily schedule.

When fitness is built into your routine, it’s much easier to commit time to stay in shape.


5. Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is a great way to stay motivated at the gym. Seeing the progress you’re making is a sure way to keep you on track with your fitness goals and keep you motivated.

Consider tracking your weight and other health benefits on paper or in an app. Are you sleeping better or feeling more energized after a workout? Write it down!

When you need motivation, look back at the progress and benefits you’re enjoying from working out at the gym.


6. Listen to Music

As you exercise, it can be helpful to listen to music as you work out at the gym. It only takes a phone and some headphones to bring music with you to train.

Choose your favourite music, podcasts, or audiobooks to keep you going. This is an excellent way to make progress and stay motivated. Time passes more quickly when you’re focused on something interesting.


7. Reward Yourself

When you’re busy or don’t feel up to exercising, take a day or two off. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you need a break. The important thing is to get back on track when you feel better.

In addition, you can reward yourself for achieving a certain level of fitness. For instance, you may want to say it’s necessary to head to the gym twice a week for a month. When you do this, give yourself a reward.

And if you don’t keep your dedication, then don’t give yourself that reward. Only reward yourself for following through on the goals you’ve set.


8. Plan Your Visit to the Gym During Quiet Times

Another way to keep up your motivation to head to the gym is to go when things aren’t so busy. For instance, don’t plan on heading to the gym when friends have asked you to get together for dinner or watch TV. If you’re invited to do something fun, go ahead and enjoy!

If you work out all the time, never having any time with friends and family or doing the things you enjoy, soon your motivation to head to the gym will dissolve. The gym shouldn’t take over your life. Instead, it should be a part of your life. But don’t avoid having fun with family and friends when you’re invited.

Instead, remember to eat healthily and head to the gym when you have an opportunity. Then you can work in the lost time and have fun at the same time.


9. Visualize Success

Visualize your success to stay motivated at the gym. The visualization process is an excellent tool for staying in shape and meeting your fitness goals. The process works by imagining what it will feel like to accomplish a goal or complete an exercise. You’re mentally preparing yourself for the task.

If you find yourself unmotivated and skipping gym time, try a visualization exercise to see how you’d feel if you went to the gym and worked out. You’ll probably feel more like heading over to the gym right away!


Summing It Up

When you’re not motivated to go to the gym, don’t get too hard on yourself. Motivation can flag and it happens to most of us at one time or another.

Instead of becoming frustrated, try the tips in this article to fire up your motivation again. You may find that one or a combination of these tips can get you back on track with your fitness goals at the gym once more!