1st November 2020

how to workout whilst you travel

Travelling, whether for business or pleasure, is no reason to leave your fitness goals behind. Here’s how to get a good workout in, on the go.

Keeping up with a fitness routine can be difficult at the best of times, even when you have access to your gym or equipment, workout clothes, and regular routine. So how can you expect to stay on track with your workouts when you’re travelling, sometimes for weeks at a time?

I get it. We are creatures of habit – while working a normal day job, we can stick to a routine pretty easily (wake up and go to bed at the same time, eat all meals at the same time, and of course work out at the same time). When we start travelling, however, absolutely nothing is familiar and the slightest speed bump can be enough to mess things up.

You need a specific action plan to take with you on your next trip.

This is the philosophy I teach to all of my Online Coaching Clients. Many are frequent travellers, so having “worldwide accountability” and a specific plan for travel has been a real game changer for them.

Include A Workout In Your Itinerary
You should prioritise working out while travelling. Determine when you will work out before you leave by taking stock of your daily schedule. If you’re taking a business trip, glance at your itinerary and determine when you’ll be able to fit in your workouts ahead of time. If it’s a trip for fun, let your friends or family know that you plan on getting in a few workouts during your stay. This will help keep you accountable.

Everybody struggles with getting back on track when they return home from a trip. I am no different. So, by getting my workout in – even when travelling – I am maintaining momentum, which makes getting back into rhythm when I get home super easy.

Remember The 2 Day Rule
I have followed the 2-Day rule for years, and it has served me and all my clients very well. Try to never go more than 2 days in a row without working out. This rule keeps you accountable even when you’re on the go, so you don’t let your workout plan lag and find it harder to get back into the swing of things after a lapse.

Scope out the facilities ahead of time 
If your Hotel gym isn’t up to scratch, look for a nearby gym that offers a one day pass or trial week. Maybe look for some different classes, yoga, spin whatever it is, it will feel good to mix it up and explore what other cities have to offer.

If there are no gyms or classes nearby then resistance bands and suspension trainers are a great option. They are light, so pack easily and you can train your whole body indoors or outside within a very small footprint. Check out this Resistance band work out below


If all else fails and you feel extra pressed for time on your travels, then fear not because you don’t even need to leave your hotel room to get your sweat on! Our coaching platform allows me to send workouts based on the equipment you have available to you and the environment you wish to train in. If you have no equipment and very little time then this FREE 16-minute bodyweight TABATA workout will do just fine! Complete it next time you travel, and let me know how you get on.

Pack like a fit pro
Set yourself up for fitness success by packing more strategically than normal. After you’ve packed all your outfits, take one out and replace it with your fitness gear. Put this at the top of your case.

It will encourage you to work out and act as a not-so-subtle reminder when you open your suitcase upon arrival: you need to make time to move!

Experience Your Environment Through Activity
If on Holiday, think about how you can include some activity on each day of your getaway,  If you’re in an urban destination that has a bike share program, for example, consider renting a bike for an hour or two.

Whilst travelling for 12 months, the first thing I’d do when we arrived at a new town/city was go on a run to get my bearings. It meant I kept my running fitness up, but also took in the sights and on a more practical note, knew where the shops, bus routes etc were located.

Another great fitness habit whilst travelling is when visiting sites with scenic viewpoints at the top, such as on the observation deck of a building, climb the stairs to the top, if it’s an option. A few minutes of stair climbing will quickly boost your heart rate, and you’ll be rewarded with great views.

Whatever you’re currently working on improving in your life, you can continue working on that whilst travelling. You only fall off the wagon if you resign yourself to the fact that it’s impossible to stay fit while travelling!

Why not have the opposite mindset, and ask “How do I make this work for me?”