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Personal Training Sheffield

Are you looking for the right personal training Sheffield? Then look no further! We can take care of you at Hii Fitness!

We can help you fulfill your fitness goals! Would you like to lose weight, become healthier, and have more energy? If so, then check out what we have to offer!

Our Sheffield Personal Training  Workouts


Our trainers all have years of fitness, wellness, and nutrition experience and expertise. In addition, each one of our personal trainers has a wonderful personality, and they’re ready to help you get motivated. They know how to get the best from you.

The Hii Method

The Hii fitness method isn’t your regular gym or training session. We train in group sessions that are 45 minutes long. We work out together, as a team, guided by our rockstar trainers. You’ll be amazed at the results we can help you achieve when you come to get Hii with us!

hii method - personal training sheffield
hii rooted in science - personal training sheffield

The Hii Method is Rooted in Science

Our workout sessions are entirely driven by science. We use a combination of unique exercises combined with everyday functions to help you become the best version of yourself. You’ll have the strength, agility, and energy to get you through a normal day!

Hii Sessions & Personal Training

What can you expect from our Hii sessions and personal trainers? First, we work out in 30-60 minute group training sessions. Then, the sessions are balanced between Hii intensity conditioning sessions, Hii serenity restorative sessions, and a slower-paced regeneration & recovery session.

hii sessions- personal training sheffield

We make sure your time is balanced between these three disciplines. We guide you at each step and through each session.

What to Expect from Our Personal Training sessions


Our Hii personal training sessions ensure your body’s metabolism hits Hii for as long as 24-48 hours after your workout.

We ensure this happens within a 20-to-30-minute time period during every Hii intensity session. We help you give it your all! You’re sure to get Hii every time!

And don’t worry that the intensity starts off right away during your session. Instead, we ensure each session progressively builds until you hit your metabolic Hii. This is how athletes are made!

Intensity is the key that will take you to a place of Hii fitness!

How it works

Keep in mind that we’re nothing like other gyms. For one thing, no one ever works alone. We also ensure you have a fun training session with your personal trainer every time! Your training sessions will take place in our amazing boutique studio. There’s nothing generic about our facility!

And there’s nothing routine or regular about our personal training Sheffield, either. That’s because our personal trainers are part of your team. What’s more, your team includes others who also want to improve their fitness level! You’ll never work out alone!

What’s more, our gym provides a positive, uplifting atmosphere where you can get Hii. What you find with us is a fitness experience that goes with you when you walk out our doors. But it doesn’t stop there! Your experience will continue into the next day, too!

Our personal trainers and your team will be there to support you at each step of the way. We’ll all work together to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

And don’t worry! Our Hii fitness sessions are made to match your current fitness levels. There’s no need to struggle through workouts that are too advanced and challenging. Doing that type of workout only causes frustration and makes you want to quit. Instead, we ensure your sessions are specialised to meet your specific fitness requirements and goals.

And at the end of your workout, we also celebrate as a team! You can enjoy an amazing smoothie at our Refuel Bar! What a great way to close out a fantastic training session with your team. We’re sure your energy levels will only go up!

Our Personal Training Sheffield Workouts

Our personal training workouts are made to be challenging and yet are created to match your current fitness level! Our training sessions get everything pumping. Expect your endorphins, adrenaline, and sweat to flow when working with your personal trainer!

Our workout sessions include the following:

Hii Intensity

This is a 20–30-minute workout that includes intensity resistance training combined with cardio exercise.

The goal is to increase your metabolism. And the intensity builds progressively as the session continues. You hit your metabolic blast and experience the full benefits of this part of the workout!

Hii Serenity

Our Hii serenity sessions combine yoga and other fitness disciplines that work together to build strength, balance, mobility, and function.

This part of the workout stretches, de-stresses, and strengthens your mind and body. What’s more, the Hii serenity session also improves sleep, flexibility, and more.

Hii Recovery

This part of your workout session works to loosen you up and stretch you out. These sessions help you to reboot, repair, release, and restore.

Our Hii recovery sessions come in between our Hii intensity sessions. And they also help to make sure you’re not injured during the workout.

As you can see, your training sessions will be balanced to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Why Choose Us?

Our personal training sessions in Sheffield, our brilliant, unique environment, and so much more! We make sure you work harder and smarter with our personal trainers and group sessions. You’re sure to get a Hii!

What could be better than working out in a gym where everyone supports you? What’s more, the gym environment is exceptionally unique. You won’t believe you’re in a gym! Instead, our facility offers a boutique gym experience with wonderful music, lighting, and more.

All of this comes together to help you achieve your fitness goals in a smarter way than ever before. Yes, you’ll be challenged, but not beyond your fitness levels. You’ll work hard and sweat, but you’ll also be able to see the results in no time!

If you’d like to learn more about our space and all we have to offer, then contact us today! We’re always happy to answer your questions! We’re looking forward to working out with you, too!

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