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Say hii to your inner athlete

This ain’t no ordinary gym – we train as one in hii-intensity 45 minute group sessions led by rockstar trainers. Be the fittest version of yourself, come and get hii with us.


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the hii life

Our method is motivated by results, rooted in science

Unique exercises, combined with everyday function, allow you to build your inner athlete and take care of the day to day. In other words, our goal is for you to strengthen your entire body for lifelong strength and success. This approach is the coveted blend of six principles that produce the hii:Athlete.

The 6 principles of athleticism


hii sessions

We work in 30-60 minute group training sessions. These sessions are split between hii intensity conditioning sessions, hii serenity restorative sessions and our slower paced regenerating recovery sessions. It’s important to balance your time between all three disciplines. We will guide you on this.

What to expect from our hii:intensity sessions

The Metabolic after burn created through our hii:intensity resistance training intervals and cardiovascular exercise rocket fuels your metabolism for 24-48 hours after the workout.

This is achieved in a 20-30 minute window during every hii:intensity session – this is your moment, give it your all, get your hii.

The intensity builds progressively until we hit our metabolic blast. Make this count, this is where athletes are made.

Intensity is the key ingredient that’ll take you from “fit” to hii:Athlete!

What to expect from our hii:serenity sessions

 Our serenity sessions are much more than ‘exercise’. They connect everything – the movements of your body, the oscillation of your thoughts and the rhythm of your breath.

Every serenity session will guide you in a state of calm to help restore your physical body, soothe your emotional state and regulate your nervous system. Linking breath with movement will help in alleviating stress, reducing anxiety, enhancing sleep, flexibility, balance and strength.

What to expect from our hii:recovery sessions

Taking care of your body in-between and after a hii intensity session is just as important as the workout itself.

We burn, but never burn out.

Your muscles need time to repair if you want to get the full benefits of hii:intensity. Our recovery sessions will improve your strength, flexibility and performance through a combination of trigger point tools, effective passive and static stretches and mobility movement flows – all whilst decreasing the risk of injury.

This is where all your hard work is rewarded – release, restore and s-hii-gh.

Hii fliers

It’s time to level up

With Hii you won’t just celebrate each workout, you’ll reach unforgettable milestones and take yourself from weekend warrior to athletic legend.



50 Athlete

100 Club

250 Pro

500 Elite

1000 Legend

You’re now part of the Hii community and have started to build your inner athlete.

Welcome to the club, you’ve levelled up!

You’ve gone pro! You’re becoming a bit of a celebrity

Commitment & Dedication has brought you this far.

You’ve reached the hii life. You absolute legend 

we train as one

Work harder & smarter together

Call it a clan, a network, a community, a squad. Call it whatever you like. But if there’s one thing for certain it’s that at hii, family is everything.

When you get hii with us, you’re surrounded by energetic people in a social atmosphere, with motivating music, being led by an expert trainer. You’re never alone, you’re in it together.

In every session you’re pushed to peak performance. All support and no judgement – you’re competing against yourself, with a whole team behind you. The euphoria and positivity you can carry with you for the rest of your day is one of the main reasons our members get hii together.

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Hii Fitness
Deacon House, 32 Eyre St, Sheffield S1 4QZ, UK32 Eyre St,
S1 4QZ

Getting to the hii studio


By Bus

Less than a minute walk from the bus stop

By Car

APCOA Parking, 2 minute walk

By Bike

Cycle store on site

Sheffield Train Station

10 minute walk